Our Story

Consentress was born out of the necessity to educate college students on what consent means. Consent has been a recent topic of discussion in the news. The messages surrounding consent resonated with all of us, and we realized there was need for active student voices to support the cause. We recollected on experiences we've had in college and discussed how we'd approach such a sensitive, yet important topic. Representing our own target demographic, we asked the question, "what was something we wanted to hear about consent?"  Through extensive research, we found that current messaging about consent on college campuses isn't effectively executed, and that it would take a new approach to solve the issue. We knew this would be challenging to approach, as sexual assault and rape are heavily stigmatized on college campuses, but for this reason alone we had to make strides against the aggressive culture that perpetuates those violent acts of sexual assault and rape. To fight back against aggressive rape culture, we created a sex-positive campaign that focused on educating college students on consent, thus was born the YES! Always campaign.